HABIT by Miquel Barberà

Timeless artist moulded by a mythological universe.

Empowered with sublime sensitivity and boundless imagination, Miquel unearths the living forms that lie under the surface of metals and frees the soul of the most beautiful gems.

His creativity shows us that we are before a deeply intuitive mind, capable of seeing and understanding the world of the archetypical forms and capable of transforming his ideas in fascinating structures, which are born in the process of transmutation that takes place in the melting pot. It is there where the metals surrender to the power of the fire and are reborn by his hands of artist, as sublime sculptures the form of which evoke ancient and eternal worlds that awaken sensations of nobility and elevation of the spirit in the mind of the observer.

His creations defy what is temporary and let him be out of the trends since his works themselves are trends which harmonize with the ages. It seems that Zurvan Akarana himself – the Persian god of time – is watching over his work !

Alchemist of the forms. His mental alchemy let him feel the energy emanating from the gems, placing them in the bed they deserve, magnifying thus their natural beauty.


JORGC Collegiated Nr. 01036

Master Craftsman